Passwords are very important!

If you are going to successfully navigate around Internet Island you are going to need a few passwords.

But how do we go about making a password and how do we use them?

The most important thing about a password is that you remember it!

What’s the point in having one if you forget it?

Let's build an example password together!

Start by choosing something you like.

Adding a number to your password will always make it more secure, pick a number that you will remember!

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

What's your favourite colour? Mine is red and adding something similar can secure your online profiles even more!

Adding a symbol can make your password become the strongest there is!

! ? # @ & %

Now you know what makes a great password!

Use these tips when making your own and not even the Goblins will guess it.

But how do you use a password?

You’ll use them to get past gates in your network, they'll look like this.

Enter in the password you created earlier

If you are worried about forgetting a password you make, then you can write it down somewhere but make sure you hide it in a secret place.

Remember to NEVER tell everyone your password, otherwise anyone could get into your Keep and take all your treasure!